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Directions for Completing and Submitting Applications

Each school will appoint a committee to select a nominee for any or all of the these categories (Click on Category Descriptions on the left for more information):

* Classroom Teacher of the Year
* Specialty Area Teacher of the Year
* Rookie Teacher of the Year
* STEM Teacher of the Year
* Food Service Employee of the Year
* Health Services Employee of the Year
* Maintenance Employee of the Year
* Custodial Employee of the Year 
* Support Employee of the Year
* Transportation Employee of the Year
* Volunteer of the Year
* Community Member of the Year
* Partner-In-Education of the Year (business or organization, not an individual)

Although certain personnel may qualify for two or more categories, an individual may be nominated in only ONE category and from only ONE school each year.

It is the responsibility of the school to contact each candidate to verify they have not already accepted a nomination from another school.


Each nominee will complete the appropriate application and submit it to the school principal. 

Note: Applications for Volunteer, Community Member, and Partner-In-Education of the Year will need to be completed by a member of the school staff.

The Phenix City Public Schools Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year will be selected from applications of eligible candidates in the Classroom and Specialty Area teacher categories; Administrator of the Year will be selected by the Superintendent's Committee.

All applications are available online by clicking on the category above.


Three copies of the completed applications must be submitted to the Dr. Bonnie Burns, Educational Services Center, by 4:00 p.m., December 5, 2017.


A judging committee comprised of at least 3 people will numerically score each application and return the score sheets to the Community Education Department for tallying.


Every nominee will receive an invitation with 2 complimentary tickets to attend the Heart of the Community Awards ceremony on January 27, 2018.

All winners will be announced at the ceremony.

1212 9th Avenue | Phenix City, AL 36868-0460 | (334) 298-0534