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My child is an excellent reader but struggles in math.

Specific Learning Disability

A disorder unrelated to intelligence, motivation, effort, or other known causes of low achievement that makes a child struggle in certain areas of learning, such as reading, writing or doing math. Sometimes referred to as SLD.


IDEA requires that interventions be evidence-based and address the child’s individual needs. When a student has been identified with a particular challenge such as a specific learning disability in reading, this information helps the IEP team choose which interventions to try. But there are other considerations as well. The IEP team should analyze which areas a child struggles with as well as identifying where he or she has strengths. In some cases, IEP teams will include specific instructional strategies or methods within the IEP. 

Most students with specific learning disabilities spend the majority of their day in the general education classroom. Being specific about what a child is struggling with is an important step in making sure the interventions whether provided through general or special education will meet the child’s needs. It’s important for all educators, not just special educators, to know about instructional strategies that support students with learning disabilities.




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